Member Stories: Not Just Travel

August 1st 2018

Not Just Travel are one of the biggest independent travel agencies in the whole of the UK.  Debbie moved in to the centre in September 2017, after working from home for a year, and has found it very beneficial.  We asked Debbie a few questions about the business, and of course, all of the places she has visited on the job!

How did your company start?
Not Just Travel started 18 years ago, and I started my franchise just over 18 months ago. I had previously worked in travel, and felt incredibly passionate about the whole process.  It was something that I wanted to be able to do myself, so that I could give my customers the level of customer service that I would expect from a travel agent. A big perk of the job is getting to go and visit the beautiful places that I advertise to my customers.  This is vitally important, as recommending somewhere I have visited myself means I can go above and beyond for my customers.

What are you working on at the moment?
Our main projects at the moment are booking and planning honeymoon and wedding destinations.  When people are planning their wedding and honeymoon they want every single thing to be perfect, and this is something that I enjoy doing, and something that I pride myself on.

What do you like about Bicester Innovation Centre?
The Bicester Innovation Centre is perfect for me, as it has all of the services that I need, and the staff are so helpful.  They take all of my phone calls and handle my post for me, so that when I am busy I don’t need to worry about these things, and I know that they are in safe hands.  Being able to come and go as I please is also very beneficial to me.

What projects/ambitions do you have for the future of your company?
In the next year I am looking to recruit someone else to be able to expand my company, and ensure that my level of customer service does not drop as I get more and more customers.

"AOB gave us the flexibility we needed as a start up and the look and feel of a major brand."

Tom Bell, MD of SkinnyBrands

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